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A date and time was set. I received an email back stating the date and time that the representative would arrive. “A few days later, he came back when I was home. One week later, I again had electrical work done on the house and when the power came back on, the cameras again stopped working. Home security cameras are available to purchase in most local stores and malls. The company does not offer a security camera system with its Smart Protect package, so you need to sign up for one of the higher plans to include home security cameras in your surveillance system. For a company to successfully juggle all of this AND provide a great customer service at the same time requires some serious organization, communication, and training. A common complaint customers have is customer service. While many Vivint customers report working with a knowledgeable and honest salesperson, others complain of disreputable and discourteous sales tactics.

1 hour later the sales rep called and said he could come later that afternoon. We had a plumber come out and they snake our lines and everything seemed ok. Let’s dive into the most common Vivint complaints, from actual customer reviews, and try to figure out what is going on. To put it simply, big solar companies like Vivint grow more quickly than they can handle, with customer service falling by the wayside as a result. Don’t go for more than you really need, as you can always add new equipment to the initial package. In addition, their add-on equipment tends to run to the higher end of the pricing spectrum as well. Frontpiont and Protect America are two well known DYI home security companies. They also install home security and automation systems. 15-25 less a month then the full home automation system. Moreover, all of Vivint’s systems are double-password-protected, making it impossible for anyone else to use either your system or your online account. The technician said I couldn’t use them and would need to buy new ones from Vivint, but he didn’t have any.

If you’re curious what people have to say about Vivint, we’ve got you covered. Vivint, on the other hand, has over 800 reviews. Okay, now let’s take a look at the most common Vivint complaints, with quotes from actual customer reviews. The actual human beings that answer the phones are very sweet and supportive but the customer is most definitely NOT a priority. Make culture a priority so smart people will want to work at Sunrun. It is very rare that they will call you back. Lamb says he was able to do a replay attack—copying signals and sending them back to the system to trigger false alarms—from 250 yards away using this device without a direct line of sight to the sensors. 2 hours after the scheduled time, I emailed the scheduler back and told him that no one had arrived. In truth, a wireless home security system can work extremely well but you do want to choose the right system, one that can cover the appropriate range. If that special date has not yet decided, do you not think that you should determine yourself right now as you were thinking for that day? To prevent anything horrendous happening to any of your loved ones, have a home security system installed in your home right away.

However, over the last 15 years I have had to relearn everything I thought I knew about the F&I process. “We entered into our agreement with Vivint on October 10, 2013, OVER A YEAR AGO. This year I called again for an appointment. Also called as anti-virus. Many issues with panel, new antennas, new cell device, they could not hear us over the speaker and each time said it was fixed. The representative showed up not only a day early but 3 hours earlier than the time scheduled. “Last year I contacted this company to have a representative discuss with me the possibilities of Solar Power. “Zero follow through. I can’t tell you just how frustrating it is working with this company. When security systems offer smart thermostats look at the review scores from actual Vivint Solar customers on Yelp (review information current as of December 2017), the company doesn’t fare too well. It’s partially human nature: customers only go online and write a review if they had a particularly great or poor experience.

When you are thinking of investing in a home security system for your family, it is important to review and weigh all of your options before settling on a decision that you feel comfortable and confident in. Frustrated customers routinely complain about extremely long waits (sometimes upwards of a full year) to turn their system on after the installation is complete. Customers either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Customers either love working with Vivint or absolutely hate it. But why are so many customers having a poor experience in the first place? As with any sales process, the customer experience greatly depends on the individual salesperson. They certainly give lip-service to providing a great customer experience, but with under-trained and overworked employees, ‘problem’ projects can stall, especially when your customer service rep has 150 other projects that need their attention (and yes, that happens!). For homeowners who purchase homes with a Vivint system already installed, have repair/maintenance requests, or discover billing issues, working with Vivint’s customer service can be a nightmare.